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River Trip Equipment List

As you pack, please remember that your clothing will get wet during paddling activities, and

depending upon the weather, possibly all other activities. Please pack accordingly to ensure you

have enough dry clothes for each day.


▪ Personal toiletries

▪ Sunglasses and sun screen

▪ 2 Water bottles - capacity 2L

▪ Flashlight

▪ 5 large Glad garbage bags (these are important!)

▪ Change of clothing for the trip home

▪ Log book and pencil


▪ Sleeping bag (good to 0 C)

▪ Sleeping pad (thermarest, foamy or air mattress)

▪ Dedicated clothes for sleeping (ensure a warm dry sleep!)


**A note on clothing: Attempt to eliminate cotton as much as possible during activities, as this

material does not dry easily in the outdoors. Instead, bring clothing made of synthetic material,

such as Fleece, Polyester, Nylon, Rayon, or Acrylic.

▪ Toque and sun hat

▪ Synthetic long underwear (2 pair)

▪ Light-weight undershirt (2)

▪ Synthetic shirt, sweater and pants (multiple)

▪ Synthetic or thermal socks (minimum 4 pairs –socks may get wet each day)

▪ Extra shoes for camp use

Outdoor Gear

▪ Wind shell

▪ Warm coat

▪ Good rain gear (jacket and pants - no ponchos, please)

▪ Gloves or mitts

▪ Old runners that may get wet (must be close toed and secure to the feet – no sandals or crocs)

▪ Hiking boots (sturdy runners will suffice)

▪ Day pack

▪ If you are biking, bring an appropriate fitting bike helmet

▪ Helmet for the river (the bike helmet will do for this as well)

*If you tend to be cold when outside for long periods of time, you may want to bring extra

warm clothing. Remember that it is better to wear multiple layers for warmth, than to wear

one heavy layer.

*Note: Clothes dryers are not available. Please ensure that you have dry clothes available

for the duration of the program.

*Please leave electronic devices at home! We are not responsible for them.

*Please do not bring any snacks containing nuts.

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