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North Saskatchewan River Info

Paddling the North Saskatchewan River between Nordegg and Rocky

This stretch of the North Saskatchewan River between Nordegg and Rocky Mountain House is the premier run for canoeists in Alberta. It offers beautiful foothills scenery, wilderness camping, whitewater, and consistent flow rates that make for a long paddling season. Being only 2.5 hours away from Edmonton and Calgary, with dependable access points, this river should be on every boater's list. Your outdoor adventure in Alberta awaits!

Water Level

  • Click here to find a a general guide to the water levels and flow rates​on the North Saskatchewan River.


  • 105 km

  • 2-4 days for total stretch or multiple single to multi day options ​​


School group white water rafting in Alberta

Paddle Times
& Hazards​

Time estimates only account for paddling time on water, and do not include rest stops. All times are estimations and can vary considerably depending on river flow, wind direction, and paddlers’ skill levels. Water levels, floods and ice jams are continually changing the characteristics of this river. Rapids transform with every change in water level and new hazards such as strainers and log jams can appear at any time. This is a general guide of what you might find, but it is up to the paddlers to scout and use their own judgement.  Remember that the aerial photos make the rapids look small in the pictures. They are much larger than they look!

Click on the section you are interested in for more information: 

​Attention Paddlers!

Travel on the North Saskatchewan river between Nordegg and Rocky Mountain House should only be undertaken by paddlers who know how to maneuver their boats. It is NOT suitable for beginners who have not paddled moving water before. You must be competent paddlers in Class II water and have the ability to self rescue.

​If you are unsure of your skill level, contact us to book an introductory lesson.

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