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HeLa Ventures

School Groups: Edmonton Programs

The HeLa Ventures outdoor education programs are designed to adhere to various educational systems' curriculum requirements. Contact us to start planning your program today!

We provide students an opportunity to explore diverse terrains and engage in activities that encourage them to learn more about their environment. We can design a custom program according to your objectives and preferences with any of the following outdoor adventure activities: lake and whitewater canoeing, river-tripping, rafting, rock-climbing/rappelling, hiking and trail biking.

HeLa offers a variety of adventure education programs for school groups in the city of Edmonton. All programs offer opportunities for integration of curriculum objectives, and focus on teaching safety knowledge, skills and judgement in outdoor adventure education activities. The programs flow from an "experiential education" framework, and thus offer learning, connections and fun!

Programs Available
school group program in Edmonton, Alberta
  • Lake Canoeing

  • River Canoeing (North Saskatchewan River - Class I Water): Focus on river skills (carving using MITH, ferries, eddies, river safety)

    *Lake day first, followed by river day allows strong skill development for students.

  • Wilderness Living Skills: Shelter building, fire lighting, knife skills, bushcraft

  • Team Building / Initiative Tasks: Custom designed to meet your groups objectives

  • Instructor-to-student ratio will vary depending on the type of activity.

  • In any of our programs, safety is ALWAYS our first priority, and the quality of instruction/guiding reflects that mandate.

  • Further details on the qualifications of the instructors/guides for your particular program will be provided upon registration.

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